On Saturday January 25th I went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms that I had been battling for two weeks at home. I had lost weight, was very weak, and hadn't eaten or drank much in 10 days. After being admitted they ran blood tests and CT scan and discovered that I had diverticulitis that had ruptured causing a massive infection in my liver. The liver abscesses were measured to be 11cm, the size of a grapefruit. I was so sick and dehydrated that my skin and eyes were yellow, I couldn't eat, and I was in pain. They immediately admitted me and started me on a strong course of IV antibiotics. After a week I was finally able to eat, and my energy levels and skin tone had started to return to normal. Because I have was responding well to the IV antibiotics it was decided that I could be released after 7 days, but would have to continue IV antibiotics at home via a PICC line.

After almost a month I am still on the IV antibiotics, and the good news is that they're working! The abscesses are now the size of golf balls, and surgery is looking less and less likely.

As a single healthy man and sole proprietor I have never needed health insurance. This infection, ultimately due to the rupturing diverticulitis, was something completely unexpected. The costs for the hospital stay, IV meds, and nursing home nursing visits are astronomical. While in the hospital I could not continue complete work for my engineering business, and due to hard times the rental income from my apartments is barely covering the mortgage.

I have always been someone who has always been proud and willing to lend a hand to those in need, but now I need to turn and ask for your help in making my continued recovery possible.

I have not yet received the full hospital bill, but will post that total when it becomes available.

The cost the IV antibiotics are $900 a week, that must be paid in cash every Monday when they're delivered to my home. I still have weeks of infusions, as well as more doctor visits up and comming. Yet more costs.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for whatever you can donate to help with my continued recovery and to offset the costs of my hospital stay. Every little bit will help me to avoid having to lose my home and the engineering business that I have devoted the past 20+ years of my life to.

With many thanks,

Glen Schult